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Randy Eastwood, Chairman of Self Directed Co.

Jeff is an incredibly driven and passionate leader who is relentless in finding ways to help people see through the clutter and understand ways to become financially independent and live a life of meaning and purpose!
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Jeff Barnes
CEO, Self Directed Company 

Mr. Barnes is a United States Navy veteran having spent six years in the service onboard a submarine as a Nuclear trained division leader, department supervisor, and scuba diver. 

His unique, non-apologetic, Wall Street outsider view has helped him to grow Self Directed Co. to one of the nation's premiere Self Directed Retirement Planning service companies, providing education and consulting to investors from every corner of the country.

"The biggest challenge we face today is a lack of education and awareness of what is possible! When people open their eyes to what can be, they never turn back to what was!"
-Jeff Barnes on the power of self directed investing.
Here Is A Glimpse Of What You'll Discover Inside...
  • Find out exactly why the current system of retirement is designed to keep you in the dark...(Page 12)
  • Why most people will be FORCED to wait until 65 to retire (but don't have to if they take control)... (Page 13)
  • Why your financial advisor will not tell you about these strategies, and how you can overcome this huge barrier to your success...(Page 19)
  • Finding the right advisor to help you with your financial planning needs for the future, and what questions you should be asking them...(Page 26)
  • The #1 Secret to building wealth that we don't learn about in school, and how knowing this one secret will change your life forever...(Page 38)
  • The different types of retirement plans career professionals need to understand before making any decisions....(Page 46)
  • The One Word that is preventing you from taking control of your wealth like you should be, and how to overcome this fatal phrase...(Page 57)
  • The Easiest Way to double your retirement plan contributions without asking for anyone's permission to do so...(Page 64)
  • How to understand the difference between tax deferred and a tax free retirement, and why these two distinctions will change your quality of life forever...(Page 66)
  • How to properly protect yourself and your family for the future...(Page 71)
  • How to save an additional $153,794 over your lifetime by making a simple shift in how you save and invest your money...(Page 81)
  • The strategies the Top 1% Wealthiest Professionals are using to exponentially multiply their investment portfolios and paying less in tax doing so...(Page 91)
  • The investment plan that is helping professionals retire years (if not decades) sooner than they thought possible while giving them more freedom to choose their lifestyle...(Page 101)
  • A simple summary detailing how to choose the best type of retirement and investing plan for you and your family...(Page 108)
  • The RIGHT Questions to ask to get the best results from your financial advisor...(Page 155)
  • How to avoid the fatal mistakes more than 71% of all Self Directed Investors Make...(Page 173)
  • How to invest your retirement plan in REAL ESTATE...TAX FREE! (Page 203)
  • And So Much More!
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